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See A Foot Doctor Immediately For Painful Ingrown Toenail Help

One of the most common nail impairments is an ingrown toenail. This is when the sides of the nail digs and grows into the skin surrounding it. This almost always leads to pain, irritation, swelling, and redness in the toes. If you have toenails that are growing into the flesh and causing you pain or […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Origins of the Podiatrist

Did you know Abraham Lincoln suffered from severe foot pain? He often sought help from local physicians, but usually to no avail. It’s hard to imagine having to be president and not being comfortable on your feet. You use your feet every day. So, when problems arise that stop you from doing, or even just […]

These Common Things May Be Responsible for Your Foot Pain

  Your feet have a major purpose in life. You use them on a daily basis to swim, run, walk, exercise, and much more. When your feet are sore and hurting, it can make walking a very painful process. Pain can make daily activities a major struggle for you. If your mobility has started to take […]

Find Out About Hammer Toes And How You Can Correct Them

Any issues that deal with the feet must be diagnosed and treated right away. The reason time is of the essence is because your feet are an important part of your day to day life. Being mobile is very important if you need to get around or go to work and run errands. A common […]

The Surprising Causes of Foot Pain and What You Can Do About It

Each of your feet has 24 bones that form two crossing arches. Ligaments that hold the bones in your feet are held together and the foot muscles, along with a tissue known as plantar fascia, provide secondary support. There are also fat pads in your feet that help with both weight-bearing and absorbing impact. When […]

Diabetic Foot Care Is Vital For Overall Health And Happiness

Living with diabetes can take a toll on a person, but that does not mean that they should ignore doing things that will benefit them greatly. There are specific steps that an individual must take every day in order to stay healthy and feel the best. While there are many food types of rules that […]

What is Plantar Fasciitis and How Can I Deal With It?

  Having pain in your feet is not only uncomfortable, but it can also limit your movement. Nobody likes to have sore feet, or tired feet, after walking for a while. So imagine having that same pain simply from standing, or walking to the bathroom. This pain can be known as plantar fasciitis or “Policeman’s […]

A Foot Specialist Can Help Alleviate Your Pain

Foot pain is no joke and can even cause loss of mobility for you in some instances. Being able to walk and move properly is very important for your day-to-day life. Seeing a foot specialist is a great option for anyone who is experiencing terrible foot pain. If you are in El Paso or the […]

What Happens During Bunion Surgery?

A bunion is a bony bump that forms at the base of your big toe and causes your big toe to point excessively towards your second toe. It is a foot deformity that consists of both bone and soft tissue. The bunion represents a dislocation of the big toe joint and it bulges against the […]

A Podiatrist Can Help You Get Rid Of Your Foot Pain

It’s true that many people are unaware of how important it actually is to take proper care of your feet. It’s usually overlooked because it’s not something that many people think about on a regular basis. Your feet are your way of getting around and being mobile. Without proper use of them, you cannot really […]