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Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM treats Athlete’s Foot in El Paso

One of the most common foot-related issues that people of all ages face is athlete’s foot. It can also be easy to treat and avoid. In some cases, though, this ailment can go from minor inconvenience to major health concern. If you’re in El Paso and you’re facing athlete’s foot issues, Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM is ready to take care of your feet.

Understanding Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a condition that occurs when one’s feet come into contact with tinea fungus. This pesky fungus tends to grow in warm and moist places. The locker room and the pool are hotspots for tinea fungus. Athlete’s Foot manifests in itchy, scaly skin that can spread if not cared for in time. People with diabetes who are suffering from athlete’s foot must seek professional help from a foot doctor in order to stop infections from spreading.

The best way to keep your feet safe from tinea fungus is to let them breathe. The biggest perpetrators of athlete’s foot are tight-fitting socks and closed-toe shoes. This type of footwear cuts off fresh air to the feet and toes and creates more sweat, which is the perfect environment for tinea fungus to thrive. By simply letting your feet breathe and even switching shoes every other day, your feet can be healthy!

Although these tips are great preventative measures, Athlete’s foot can still occur to anyone. Athlete’s foot is defined by itching, stinging, and/or burning sensations between the toes and on the soles of the feet. It can also manifest in cracking or peeling skin as well as dry soles and raw skin. In some cases, Athlete’s foot can become more severe and cause toenails to pull away. If you’ve tried all the over-the-counter remedies to no avail, it may be time to get professional assistance!

Get the Help You Deserve

If you’ve been spending time at the local pool or gym and forgot to wear sandals while in the locker room, you may begin to feel an uncomfortable scratching sensation between your toes. Athlete’s foot can make life very unpleasant, causing you to scratch the itchiness throughout your day. This activity can get in the way of your regular daily activities. Sometimes, over the counter remedies don’t work as fast as you’d like them to. This is where Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM comes into play. Dr. Gonzalez is a dedicated foot specialist who knows exactly how to treat all foot and ankle related ailments, which includes Athlete’s foot! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.