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Professional Medical Assistance for Bunions in El Paso

Bunions are the most common foot-related ailments. They can affect people who wear ill-fitting shoes that are too tight and narrow. If left untreated for a long time, bunions can go from simply uncomfortable to incredibly painful. Whether your bunion issues are mild or severe, it’s time for Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM to help.

Bunions – What Causes Them and What You Can Do

A bunion is a bump that occurs at the base of the big toe. It often causes the toe to point towards the smaller toes. If left untreated, or if the sufferer continues to wear ill-fitting shoes, the bunion can get so severe that the foot’s big toe will go beneath the other toes. This will make walking very difficult, painful and uncomfortable.

The best way to treat bunions is to catch them early. Upon the first signs of the ailment, visit Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM for assistance. He will give you the advice and health care you need in order to avoid any serious problems and, in due time, your feet will look as they should.

Some common ways to treat bunions:

  • Wearing different shoes
  • Use special padding
  • Medication
  • Wear bunion shoe inserts

If the bunion is severe, though, surgery will be the best option. Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM offers bunion surgery so you won’t have to go somewhere else to have the procedure. Dr. Gonzalez is adept at all foot and ankle related surgeries, so your feet will be in the best hands imaginable. Since there are many different options for bunion surgery, Dr. Gonzalez will have to see what your specific ailment requires in order for him to offer the best surgery option.

Bunion surgery commonly requires the removal of the swollen tissue that’s around the big toe’s joint. From there, Dr. Gonzalez will straighten the big toe. This is accomplished by removing a part of the bone. Then, the bones of the affected joint will be joined permanently. Recovery may span from weeks to months, it all depends on your individual situation.

Bunion Care in El Paso

Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM is dedicated to providing the best, most proficient foot and ankle care. If you’re suffering from bunions, you’re well aware of how difficult simple activities such as walking can be. Stop stepping in pain and get the help you deserve. Contact Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM today to schedule an appointment!