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People who suffer from diabetes are well aware of the foot ailments that come with the chronic illness. If your feet are suffering from any diabetic foot related ailments, we can help. Since diabetes causes your feet to lose sensitivity, a small wound can go from bad to worse in a short amount of time. Your foot doctor can help you out by regularly checking your feet and toes to make sure they’re safe from harm. We also offer nail-cutting services for those who find the task difficult. We offer socks, shoes and medical services that will boost your feet to the healthiest standard.

Diabetes and Foot Care

Taking the right preventative steps is the best way to make sure you avoid any serious foot-related diabetic complications. Those with diabetes have less feeling in their lower extremities. This fact can cause simple and common foot health issues to grow and fester. If not taken care of in time, these issues can result in serious outcomes. In order to avoid this outcome, those with diabetes must make foot care a priority.

Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM understands that properly and consistently caring for your own feet may be difficult or complicated. For this very reason, Dr. Gonzalez offers expert diabetic foot care to those who require it. Diabetic foot care is simple and straight to the point. A check and toenail clipping may be all you require! If Dr. Gonzalez finds something of interest during your routine diabetic foot care check, you can rest assured knowing your feet will be in good hands! Dr. Gonzalez has vast knowledge and the credentials to back him up. No matter what your feet are facing, Dr. Gonzalez will offer the best care and advice. Here is a list of what Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM has to offer:

  • Toenail Trimming
  • Foot and Toe Check
  • General Foot Care
  • Amputation Prevention
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Assistance
  • Surgery

Getting the Diabetic Foot Care You Deserve

Don’t let a simple injury become a serious issue. If you have diabetes and you have trouble checking your feet on a regular basis, seek the medical assistance you deserve! Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer. Find out about our current offers on diabetic foot care!