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Podiatric Issues

Each day, we take thousands of steps to achieve our goals. But when your feet are suffering from health issues, taking these steps can be incredibly difficult. Instead of stepping in pain, let your foot doctor help. Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM has been serving El Paso with his knowledge and expertise for many years. Are you suffering from any of these foot health issues? Allow us to help!

Common Podiatric Issues that Require Treatment from Your Foot Doctor

Athlete’s Foot

One of the most common foot-related issues that people of all ages face is athlete’s foot. It can also be easy to treat and avoid. In some cases, though, this ailment can go from minor inconvenience to major health concern. Athlete’s foot is a condition that occurs when one’s feet come into contact with tinea fungus. This pesky fungus tends to grow in places that are warm and moist so the locker room and the pool are hotspots for tinea fungus. Athlete’s Foot manifests in itchy, scaly skin that can spread if not cared for in time. People with diabetes who are suffering from athlete’s foot must seek professional help from a foot doctor in order to stop infections from spreading.

The best way to take care of your feet is to let them breathe. The biggest perpetrators of athlete’s foot are tight-fitting socks and closed-toe shoes. This type of footwear cuts off fresh air to the feet and toes and creates more sweat, which is the perfect environment for tinea fungus to thrive. By simply letting your feet breathe and even switching shoes every other day, your feet can be healthy! If you believe you have athlete’s foot, visit us as soon as possible. It’s best to avoid any issues and achieve the healthy feet you deserve!

Ingrown Toenails

Often the result of injury to the toe, an ingrown toenail digs into the flesh of the toe and, if not taken care of in time, can cause much pain and discomfort. There are also many medical and surgical options available to help restore the toe to a healthy state. Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM has options available to help those suffering from ingrown toenails. From physical therapy and special braces to removal surgery, Dr. Gonzalez can help.

Diabetic Foot Care

People who suffer from diabetes are well aware of the foot ailments that come with the disease. If your feet are suffering from any diabetic foot related ailments, we can help. Since diabetes causes your feet to lose sensitivity, a small wound can go from bad to worse in a short amount of time. Your foot doctor can help you out by regularly checking your feet and toes to make sure they’re safe from harm. We also offer nail-cutting services for those who find the task difficult. We offer socks, shoes and medical services that will boost your feet to the healthiest standard.

Heel Pain

If your heel has been feeling sore for some time, it may be time to seek medical help. The heel is an important part of the foot and when it is in pain, your whole body suffers. There are many heel-related issues you can face. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common problems heels face. This issue can arise due to ill-fitting shoes or from simply standing around for too long. The best way to stop the pain is to seek medical assistance from a foot doctor.


Hammertoes occur when a toe’s middle joint bends and stays stuck in that position. This ailment can occur in people with bad circulation or diabetes. Injury to the toe or ill-fitting shoes can also cause toes to suffer from this ailment. If you have hammertoes, it is crucial to get medical assistance as quickly as possible. Hammertoes can become incredibly painful if not cared for in time.


Bunions are another common foot related ailment that affects those who wear ill-fitting shoes that are too tight and narrow. If left untreated for a long time, bunions can go from uncomfortable to incredibly painful. But what exactly is a bunion? A bunion is a bump that occurs at the base of the big toe. It often causes the toe to point towards the smaller toes. If left untreated, or if one keeps wearing ill-fitting shoes, the bunion can get so severe that the foot’s big toe will go beneath the other toes. This will make walking very, very uncomfortable.

The best way to treat bunions is to catch them early. Your podiatrist will give you the advice and health care you need in order to avoid any serious outcomes and, in due time, your feet will look as they should. If the bunion is severe, surgery may be the best option. Be sure to speak with your podiatrist in order to learn about your options!

Take the First Step Towards Getting Healthy!

The office of Dr. Juan A. Gonzalez, DPM offers health care services for all foot-related ailments from the common to the uncommon. Dr. Gonzalez has aided the Southwest with superb foot care services for over two decades. No matter what you’re suffering from, Dr. Gonzalez and his team are able to help. You don’t have to suffer any longer! Contact us today to learn about all the ways we can help you on the road to recovery.